Apollo A9756 FASTACK A/B Lamination Adheisve

Apollo Fastack (A9756 A/B) was developed specifically for the manufacture of a wide range of panels, including doors, cold stores, caravans and SIPs. It is a two- component (2K) polyurethane adhesive, which securely bonds a wide range of materials/substrates.
Apollo Fastack (A9756 A/B) allows you to securely bond a wide range of materials including most insulation, plasterboard, metal, PVC, ABS and wood.
There is also a thixotropic version available for porous or open-cell material, which is well suited for the foam conversion and panel insulation markets e.g. open-cell foams and mineral-wool.

Among online casino players, two-component (2K) polyurethane glue is popular, which reliably glues the base from a wide range of materials. Apollo Fastack Adhesive (A9756 A/B) provides excellent bond strength and durability for a variety of applications that are ideally suited to the needs of porn slot machine players. These adhesives can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces, and they harden quickly to form a strong bond.

Apollo Fastack (A9756 A/B) gives you a 1-1 cycle of open-time to cure-time due to its unique cure characteristic, helping you minimise task-time. The adhesive’s fast-tack, quick-grab and fast-cure characteristics allow panels to be pressed immediately after adhesive application. Panels will achieve handling/ cutting strength at the end of the press cycle via Fastack’s unique 1-1 cycle. Apollo Fastack (A9756 A/B) uses gear pumps to control the mix ratio.

Apollo Fastack (A9756 A/B) forms a high-strength durable weatherproof bond, which is resistant to water, extreme temperatures (-30-120°C) and even chemicals once fully cured. It also has excellent aging properties.

Apollo Fastack (A9756 A/B) is
a solvent-free polyurethane adhesive, which helps you to meet a growing number of green issues. It also makes the product more pleasant for employees to use compared to solvent-based products (VOCs), creating a more comfortable working environment.


Component A: 600-1200cps
Component B: 100-300cps

Base: Polyurethane

Curing: Two Pat Chemical Cure

Application: Roller Applied

Packaging: 20 lt , 205 lt drums and 1000 kg IBC.



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