Apollo Foam A8513

Apollo A8513 is a non-flammable, low-pressure, sprayable, synthetic rubber-based adhesive. It is designed primarily for priming polyurethane foams prior to the application of adhesive tapes and films etc. Apollo A8513 can be used in automotive trim applications and can also be used as a conventional low solids sprayable adhesive. This material exhibits fast-drying characteristics, aggressive tack, a long bonding range, high bond-strengths and provides an economical and efficient means of bonding non-structural components.

In addition to being suitable for bonding flexible foams to each other, Apollo A8513 is also recommended for bonding foam to metal, chipboard, hardboard and GRP etc., and for the attachment of furnishing fabrics, such as hessian, felt, polyester and other upholstery padding materials. It can also be used for bonding a wide range of insulation materials to metal ducting etc.

Key Features:

Ideal for a range of foam applications.

Extremely economical.

Base:  Synthetic Rubber.

Appearance:  Neutral/tinted/Red.

Temperature Resistance:  -30 to 75°C.

Application Temperature:  5-25°C.

Coverage:  10-13m2/L approx.

Viscosity:  250-400CPS.

Tack-Life:  1-way: 0-1 minutes (approx.)  2-way: 1-20 minutes (approx.)

Packaging 20 litre plastic drum.




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