Apollo A5045

Apollo A5045 is a thixotropic, two-component adhesive specifically designed for the repair of exterior caravan panels, where the aluminium sheet has become partly delaminated from the core, or accidental damage has occurred. When mixed, Apollo A5045 cures to form a hard, tough, resilient bond which is resistant to water, solvents and heat. Apollo A5045 can also be used for bonding metals, plastics and building surfaces such as concrete, asbestos board etc. It has found use as a body-filler and for repairing damaged concrete.

Key Features:

Specifically Designed for repair of exterior caravan panels.

Thixotrophic material.

Base: Modified Polyurethane

Appearance: Component A: Cream, Component B: Brown

Temperature Resistance: -30-90°C

Coverage: 4m2/L (at 0.25mm)

Application Temperature: 5-25°C

Viscosity: Component A: Thixotropic paste, Component B: Thin liquid

Packaging: 5 kg kit


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