AkzoNobel A201/H201 Free Formaldehyde Adhesive System

In 2014 formaldehyde was reclassified as a Carcinogen Category 1B. As a Category 1 carcinogen, the use of formaldehyde is now about to be regulated by the Carcinogen and Mutagen Directive in EU workplaces. The central concept of this prime directive is ‘protection of workers against risks to their health and safety, including the prevention of such risks, arising or likely to arise from exposure to carcinogens or mutagens at work’.
LignuPro™ Zero from AkzoNobel is a new ultra-low emitting system for furniture production that has outstanding bonding performance coupled to high moisture resistance and provides a transparent glue line. LignuPro™ also delivers high levels of wood fiber tear.

Features and Benefits:

Content of free formaldehyde is below 0. 1%, no label declaration is needed;

The system is isocyanate-free and has extremely low VOC;

Performance is in line with existing formaldehyde-based adhesives;

The system has the ability to pass ANSI test with high resistance to moisture;

LignuPro™ Zero complies with EN 12765, class 3;

A201/H201 gives an adhesive system with a long pot life and a short press time;

high moisture resistance;

a transparent glue line;

delivers high levels of wood fiber tear.

For mixing ratios, pot-life and press time details please download the Technical Data Sheet.


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