Light Curing Equipment

We offer the full range of light curing equipment from Dr. Hönle AG, one of the worlds leading suppliers and manafacturers of UV and Visible Light curing equipment.

Their strength lies in the ability to customise product solutions to suit the specific requirements of our customers. They offer solutions including LED curing spot lamps systems, traditional halide based bulb curing spot lamp systems, LED flood lamp systems, conveyorised systems and Radiometers.  They also offer custom made systems to suit any particular requirement.

Honle LED Cube 100 IC

Compact LED-UV curing chamber.

Honle Bluepoint LED ECO

High powered UV LED curing system with up to 4…

Honle Bluepoint 4 ECO Cure

High performance traditional metal halide bulb type UV spot source.

Honle UVASPOT Lamp

UV Spot curing lamp

Honle ConVey System

Table-top LED curing conveyor system

Honle Radiometer

Calibrated Radiometer for online testing

Honle Bluepoint 4

High-performance UV spot source for precise curing of UV reactive…

Honle LED Spot 100 IC/100HP IC

High intensity LED Flood lamp


High intensity hand-held LED curing and fluorescing lamp


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