Core Values

Our aim is to help our customers get the best results from their bonding process, offering the best product for the application while still maintaining cost effectiveness and affordability.

In order for us to achieve this we follow three core values.  These are as follows:

1) Partnership

We only partner with the industry leading manufacturers so we can ensure we bring the best products and technical support to our customers and use this partnership to give our customers the best bonding solution possible.  We are the sole distributors on the Island of Ireland for all of our manufacturing partners and this allows us to concentrate on delivering the correct product for every application.

2) Service

We understand that the service that we provide to our customers and potential customers is absolutely paramount and we thrive in exceeding our customers expectations.  Whether it is ensuring that we have stock available for delivery in a timely manner, or going above and beyond to help a customer in need, we always do our absolutely utmost to ensure total satisfaction at all times.  Both our external and internal sales teams focus on this concept daily and this is obvious in our customer relationships.

3) Knowledge

All of our sales team have a very in depth knowledge of our product range.  Our external sales team understand all of the bonding applications, from medical device assembly, construction woodworking and all of the industries which we service.  You can see the full list in our industry section on this website.  We have a staff chemist who works very closely with all application also to ensure that the best solution is provided at all times.