Thermally Conductive Products

When the components on your device are generating a lot of heat it is very important to manage this heat build-up and dissipate it as quickly as possible. We offer a wide range of thermally conductive potting compounds to help dissipate heat from components.

Robnor Resins PX 439 N

Thermally conductive and flame-retardant epoxy potting and encapsulating compound

Robnor Resins PX 439XS

Thermally conductive and flame-retardant epoxy potting compound with a high…

CHT AS 1421 heat curing Silicone encapsulant image - ect adhesives

CHT AS 1421

Heat cured silicone encapsulant and adhesive with high thermal conductivity

CHT SE 2003

Two-part heat chemical silicone encapsulant with high thermal conductivity.

Robnor Resins PX 700K-1

Medium viscosity Epoxy potting and encapsulating compound.

CHT AS 1420 heat curing adhesive image - ECT adhesives

CHT AS 1420

Heat cure thermally conductive silicone encapsulant and adhesive