Hard And Rugged Potting Compounds

Generally, we need potting compounds that are hard and rugged to encapsulate the components fully and protect them from moisture or chemicals. We offer both epoxy and polyurethane based potting compounds depending on your processing requirements and the environment of the finished product when in use.

Robnor Resins PX 700K-1

Medium viscosity Epoxy potting and encapsulating compound.

Robnor Resins PX 900D

Low viscosity unfilled epoxy potting and encapsulating compound

Robnor Resins EL 600F

Low viscosity fast curing polyurethane potting compound

Panacol, vitralit-u1405 UV / VIS and thermally curable epoxy resin -image- ECT Adhesives

Panacol Vitralit UD 1405

UV / VIS and thermally curable epoxy resin.

Structalit 5801 - 50 g dual chamber cartridge image - ECT Adhesives

Structalit 5801

Adhesive system that demonstrates exceptional chemical and moisture resistance.