Clear Adhesives for bonding ABS and Acrylic

When manufacturing clear display cabinets and machine guards from ABS or Acrylic traditional solvent based adhesives are mainly used, the drawback with these adhesives is they are difficult and unsafe to work with and they do not give an optically clear finished bond line. We offer a range of optically clear adhesives which can give you superior finished products than traditional solvent bonding.

Panacol Vitralit 7311 medical grade light curing adhesive image - ECT Adhesives

Vitralit 7311

Excellent adhesion to many plastics. Available in various viscosities.

Araldite 2028-1

Clear UV stable Polyurethane Adhesive

Bondchem 455 methacrylate adhesive image

Bondchem M455

Bondchem M455 is a two component transparent methacrylate adhesive

Bondchem UV 10 light curing plastic adhesive image

Bondchem UV 10

Optically clear low viscosity adhesives which cures in seconds when…