3DT Corona & Plasma Systems

Watch a brief overview of 3DT's standard and custom corona and plasma surface treatment systems. Learn more about our company and its technology.

Power Adhesives Vactac system

Power Adhesives Vactac system the future of positioning adhesives for dry-lay-up processes such as vacuum infusion, RTM etc. Vactac is based on an APAO hotmelt adhesive that is applied with a unique particle-free swirl-tool. The adhesive is totally free from solvents and propellants

Araldite 2050 and 2051

Araldite 2050 and 2051 speed up bonding operations under any conditions of cold temperatures, saltwater and humidity.

The 3DT Corona System In Action

This video shows our National Sales Manager performing a trial at a customer site.  He is Corona treating Nylon 12 plastic which is a substrate that is difficult to bond to with Silicone using our 3DT Corona system. This changes the surface energy of the plastic and improves bond strength.