Adhesives for the Packaging Industry

We offer a wide range of adhesives for the packaging industry. These adhesives are both for the manufacture of packaging and also for the bonding of this packaging on your manufacturing line.

We offer both water based and hot melt based packaging adhesive ideal for all your packaging requirements.

Tecbond 410 hot helt glue stick power adhesives for pallet stabilisation image - ECT adhesives

Power Adhesives SPRAYTEC 410

Hotmelt pallet stabilisation product

Pafra AquaPal 8900

PAFRA AquaPal 8900 premium carton manufacturing adhesive.

Pafra AquaPal 5142

PAFRA AquaPal 5145 high adhesion packaging adhesive.

Pafra Aquapal 9254

AquaPAL® 9254 packaging laminating adhesive.

Pafra Aquapal 9258

AquaPAL® 9258 carton widow adhesive.

Pafra Aquapal 9278

PAFRA AquaPal 9278 premium corrugated Packaging adhesive

Pafra Aquapal 9333

PAFRA AquaPal 9333 non-contact carton adhesive

Pafra Aquapal 9400

PAFRA AquaPal 9400 window patching adhesive suitable for blast freezing.

Pafra Aquapal 9600

PAFRA AquaPal 9600 premium case making adhesive.

Pafra Aquapal 9715

PAFRA AquaPAL 9715 Premium Side Seam Adhesive.

Jowat Toptherm 256.10

Excellent all-rounder polyolefin packaging adhesive

Polyeolefin hot melt adhesive used for closing of cartons,trays and folding boxes.

Jowat Toptherm 256.00

Excellent polyolefin packaging adhesive with very high adhesion

Jowat Toptherm 256.65

Excellent polyolefin packaging adhesive with high temperature resistance

Power Adhesives Tecbond 14 hot melt glue stick image - ECT Adhesives

Power Adhesives Tecbond 14

High delivery fast setting hotmelt adhesive


Power Adhesives Tecbond 214

Economical fast setting hotmelt adhesive

Tecbond-239-clear-hot-melt-sticks-power-adhesives-packaging adhesive image-ECT-adhesives.jpg

Power Adhesives Tecbond 239

Exceptionally clear economical hotmelt adhesive


Power Adhesives Tecbond 342

Exceptionally high instant grab adhesive.


Power Adhesives Tecbond 345

Metallocene based adhesive for difficult substrates such as silicone inks,…

Panacol Vitralit 6685 light curing doming adhesive - ECT Adhesives

Vitralit® UC 6685

Light curing Epoxy dome coating adhesive